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  • Eliminate Annual Rent Increases
  • Reduce Occupancy Costs
  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Improve the Bottom Line
  • Boost Cash Profit
  • Focus on Your Business While We Reduce Your Rent
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In this uncertain economy, business priorities change. Lease renewals, including exercising option periods, should never be treated as simple extensions of the lease. They should be thoroughly negotiated with new lease terms reflecting today's economic realities, current market valuations and your strategic business priorities in mind. In addition to lease renewal / renegotiation projects on individual locations, Lease Resolutions can provide continuous management of your entire real estate portfolio to ensure that it is performing at optimal levels.

Most business owners and many corporate real estate departments lack the time and staffing to successfully renegotiate the rental schedules on all of their existing leases. Lease Resolutions has a proven track record of success in obtaining mid-term and end-of-term rent reductions. You can confidently rely on us to consistently produce real estate solutions that increase the cash profit on your operating facilities. We are in the market daily, working with landlords, brokers and developers nationwide. This extensive network of relationships allows us to place accurate fair market valuations on each of your locations. Analysis of your rent-to-sales ratios, and knowledge of market rents, provides us with the leverage needed to successfully lower the rent on your existing locations. Lease Resolutions is proud to be at the top of the list when it comes to reducing occupancy costs. If your sales volume does not justify the amount of rent you're paying, or your rental rate is above market, we will reduce your rent or there is no fee.

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