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Commercial Tenant Representation, Commercial Property Leasing Your strategic planning process starts with concept assessment and accurately identifying the characteristics of those customers most likely to frequent your business most often. The next step is to select which markets your development plan should target for expansion by comparing various metropolitan area demographics with your customer profile. Once your target markets have been established our knowledge and experience in trade area analysis, site selection and commercial lease negotiations ensures the acquisition of the right sites, on the right terms, providing the structural foundation necessary for your new locations to succeed.
Our legal affiliate attorneys specialize in all types of Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions including land lease agreements, shopping center lease agreements and build-to-suit lease agreements. During the due diligence and contingency period, Lease Resolutions works with architects and engineers, assisting with preparation of permit applications and plan submittals, and helps expedite your obtaining building and use permits along with all other necessary approvals from governmental authorities, for the construction and operation of your business.

Helping You with Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions Since 1995

Lease Resolutions has been providing winning real estate solutions for close to two decades, delivering real estate investment and development analysis and advice, and site selection recommendations, on commercial real estate acquisitions, commercial lease negotiations and commercial leasing transactions, that consistently meet and exceed our client's ROI objectives. We have not only helped our clients acquire, but have also ensured that new sites are purchased or leased on favorable terms and conditions.

Reasons why our clients choose Lease Resolutions Consulting Services, LLC:

  • Our site selectors and commercial lease negotiation experts are highly trained and have decades of experience in picking the right sites at the right price. When your business requires negotiating a lease for a restaurant, retail store or other business, the staff of professionals at Lease Resolutions including site selectors, negotiators and real estate attorneys are the very best in the business.
  • When it comes to representing your interests, we do it confidentially and professionally. In addition, our mission always remains our top priority, i.e. to lay the foundation necessary for businesses to succeed by negotiating favorable lease and acquisition contract terms and conditions that protect our clients interests and maximize their profitability.
  • The bottom line is that commercial lease negotiations and real estate acquisitions are best left in the hands of experienced professionals; so, it makes sense for you to choose us.

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