Errold J. Seiler

President & CEO

Mr. Seiler founded LRCS in 1995 to provide customized investment advice designed to strengthen and diversify client portfolios. He ensured acquisition of the right properties at the right price, thereby maximizing the value of their investment properties. After more than a quarter-century of success, based on his vast business knowledge and experience in optimizing investment portfolios, foresight of market trends and exceptional negotiating skills, he has earned a reputation for minimizing risk while delivering innovative investment solutions that exceed expectations.
He spent decades providing site selection, acquisition and real estate development advice to major national and international corporations, as well as individual investors, successfully navigating the turbulent market cycles of the 1970s and 1980s and helping them thrive during the worst recession since the Great Depression. Today Mr. Seiler remains a cornerstone for our team’s success while passing along his extensive knowledge and experience in investment and development analysis and producing outstanding financial results for our clients.

Louis S. Boemia

Vice President

LOU BOEMIA, an accomplished site selector and lease negotiator, draws from his past experience handling existing facility lease renewals, along with agreements to acquire new sites, while serving nearly a quarter century in the corporate office real estate departments of Bank One, KFC, ARCO, Hardee’s and Galardi Group.

In these roles, he held principal responsibility for all aspects of real estate, facility asset management, new site acquisitions and development, from strategic planning, site selection, lease negotiations and construction through property dispositions and other elements of existing lease portfolio optimization.

Following that tenure, Boemia further honed his skills while serving to implement the correction in fair market rental values occurring at the end of last decade. Boemia spearheaded the rent reduction program restructuring leases for Galardi Group, including the 340 unit Wienerschnitzel fast food chain. From mid-year 2009 through the end of 2011, the team of negotiators at Lease Resolutions reduced rent at nearly 200 existing locations producing rent savings in excess of $6 million dollars. Without reduced rental, the majority of these businesses would have been forced to close. Many of the employees working in these stores still have jobs today as a result of lease restructuring.

Boemia has a clear understanding of what it takes to drastically reduce costs and effectively increase profitability. His ability to embrace and execute those plans afford him the insights necessary to align real estate decisions with business strategy, helping clients maximize the performance of their real estate portfolios to deliver unparalleled results.

At the peak of the recession, Boemia’s success in obtaining rent reductions for retail stores and restaurants nationwide brought him numerous requests for interviews from restaurant magazines and franchise business periodicals. In 2011 he co-authored a white paper that was published in Restaurant News, QSR and FastCasual magazines on the subject of mid-term rent reductions. In our IN THE NEWS section of this website you can download the white paper magazine article, and there is also a link to the July 2012 radio podcast interview with Boemia on

Mr. Boemia earned his BBA degree in Real Estate from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.


Senior Vice President - Retail

KENT PRESTON currently serves as Senior Vice President of our Retail Group. He specializes in renewing and restructuring existing leases, creating and implementing real estate strategies that achieve client goals and objectives for their real estate holdings. He is intently focused on maximizing client profitability through innovative analysis and strategic site selection and acquisition negotiations.

Kent brings a broad knowledge of market and trade area analysis, commercial real estate project development, and best-in-industry negotiating practices. Early in his career with CBRE and Voit Commercial, prior to joining Lease Resolutions in 2010, Kent was head of The Preston Retail Team serving as Vice President of Grubb & Ellis - Las Vegas where he received the prestigious Circle of Excellence Award.

In addition to being an expert in purchase and leasing transactions in the retail sector, Mr. Preston has extensive experience in all sectors of commercial real estate including office and warehouse/industrial experience representing both national tenants and landlords. His broad real estate knowledge, negotiating talent and deal-making skills make Kent a vital member of our organization.

Kent Preston holds Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Oregon and an Associate of Arts in Communications from Marymount College, Rancho Palos Verdes, California.


Executive Vice President

JACK C. RUTHERFORD, currently serves as the firms Executive Vice President and has earned our clients’ praise as an intuitive problem solver and sound solution builder in over 15 years of successful real estate dealings. Jack’s rock-solid background in business and strong financial acumen contributes to his ability to professionally relate to the broad spectrum of complex issues businesses face in commercial real estate negotiations.

Mr. Rutherford’s 23 year tenure with the diversified financial services giant Dun & Bradstreet (D & B), the leader in providing commercial information and business insight for over 150 years, created a strong foundation of business skills and knowledge. Directing contract negotiations with key client accounts, Jack has worked successfully with some of our largest and most well-known national clients, developing close relationships with them through his widely recognized skills as an effective negotiator and his expertise in property dispositions. With his unique ability to analyze, comprehend and professionally consult with CEO and CFO executives, Jack is able to design innovative solutions to greatly improve their cash flow and boost the overall corporate profitability.

Jack Rutherford earned his Business Management Degree at Indiana University, School of Business in Bloomington, Indiana. His broad range of experience and history of producing high-value results for our clients has made him a critical component of the Lease Resolutions team.

Dominique Bliss

Director of Marketing

As a Coastline Community College student, Ms. Bliss started in our marketing department in 2008. Her prior training and experience has been as an escrow agent and she has also held positions in the property management and mortgage lending industries. Her key qualities are centered around the ability to complete top priority objectives in a timely manner and designing innovative solutions and strategies for accomplishing them. No one is more focused on making a project come together – securing difficult government entitlements, surpassing client and tenant expectations, and motivating teams to execute the vision and exceed goals. She tackles problems head-on, works smart and hard to develop winning solutions, and maximizes economic performance.

She is driven by a fundamental belief in honesty – offering other employers, partners, and associates direct viewpoints on where the business stands; providing accurate feedback and giving governmental officials the straight story to obtain permits and approvals; and safeguarding the best interests of clients, owners, and tenants.

Michael S. Murray

Vice President, Site Acquisitions & Development

Mr. Murray’s expertise in accurately estimating construction and development costs is essential in determining the financial feasibility of proposed build-to-suit and sale-leaseback projects for our retail, restaurant and landlord developer clients. His thorough investigation of the conditions of approval and development requirements on projects being evaluated in the due diligence phase often bring to light issues that become the most significant factor in deciding whether or not to proceed with the proposed acquisition and development of a specific property. Mr. Murray’s involvement starts during initial site selection and acquisition process as he assumes a leadership role throughout the entire course of the development project. Our clients confidently rely on him to deliver a Certificate of Occupancy on-time and within forecasted budgetary constraints. Mr. Murray has extensive experience in plans, permitting and constructing various types of free-standing, single tenant, retail, branch bank, automotive and restaurant development projects.

Deni Hathaway

Lease Consultant

Ms. Hathaway, our newest team member, brings 12 years of commercial leasing and property management experience, an enthusiastic attitude and a good work ethic. Along with working to produce meaningful results for existing clients, we expect to see her utilize her potential to expand our client base as well. Prior to joining LRCS, Deni managed & operated (9) multi-tenant commercial buildings for a private investor. In her position as liaison between tenant and landlord, she was frequently called upon to create solutions that resolved issues to the mutual satisfaction of both parties. Ms. Hathaway has a strong financial background in accounting that includes management experience with a major lending institution. She has a knack for identifying properties that can be purchased at bargain prices, packaged up with restructured lease terms and then listed for sale for thousands more. Ms. Hathaway is a licensed California Real Estate Broker.


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